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What is TRELEGY?

TRELEGY is the only once-daily, FDA-approved medicine used long term that combines 3 separate long-acting COPD medicines in 1 inhaler. These medicines work to open your airways, keep airways open, and reduce inflammation, to significantly improve lung function and help you breathe easier for a full 24 hours. TRELEGY is also proven to reduce flare-ups (exacerbations). Your results may vary.


TRELEGY does not include a rescue medicine or replace a rescue inhaler. TRELEGY is not for asthma.


Ask your doctor if TRELEGY is right for you. This guide can help you with the conversation. 


TRELEGY treats COPD with the Power of 3 medicines

In studies, patients taking TRELEGY had improved lung function vs patients taking 2 of TRELEGY's 3 medicines. TRELEGY combines 3 separate long-acting inhaled medicines that work 3 ways to:

  • Open your airways LABA (bronchodilator) opens airways by relaxing muscles around the airways in your lungs.
  • Keep them open LAMA (bronchodilator) blocks tightening of smooth muscle around your airways.
  • Reduce inflammation ICS (anti-inflammatory) reduces inflammation and swelling in your lungs.

TRELEGY won't replace a rescue inhaler.

TRELEGY Treats COPD with the Power of 3 Medicines

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