Patients describe their life with COPD | 3:05

See how life with COPD affected these patients and why they wanted more from their COPD treatment. 

The convenience of taking TRELEGY once a day | 2:21

Hear what these patients think about the once-daily dosing of TRELEGY.

They talked to their doctors about COPD and got answers | 2:20

They wouldn’t take COPD sitting down. Learn what they asked their doctors.

How TRELEGY works and what patients are saying | 2:44

Learning about TRELEGY has made an impact on their lives.

What daily life is like after taking TRELEGY | 2:12

Patients describe how they feel after taking TRELEGY.

How COPD has affected these patients | 3:11

For these patients, taking action to change their COPD treatment made all the difference.

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