Real stories of life beyond asthma’s limits

Meet Angel: Lifelong Asthma Patient Turned Asthma Advocate | 4:56

For Angel, keeping asthma symptoms under control means he can keep experiencing the world. And now, he’s using his lifelong journey to advocate for others.

Meet Aastha: Seeker of Solutions in the Face of Asthma Symptoms | 4:02

Aastha’s philosophy has always been about taking life’s challenges head-on. So, when asthma symptoms wouldn’t back down, she decided that she wouldn’t, either.

Meet Rashelle: Confident City Explorer With Asthma Under Control | 4:27

After moving to the big city, Rashelle’s asthma symptoms seemed to reach new heights. Determined to continue following her ambitions, she set out to explore her options.

Meet Jamaur: A Role Model Refusing to Let Asthma Hold Him Back | 4:09

One of Jamaur’s greatest goals as a father is being there for his family—yet asthma has a habit of getting in the way. Achieving symptom control lets him continue to be a positive influence on those who look up to him the most.

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